Plastic Welding & Fabrication

Welding plastic is a process that involves super-heating air to simultaneously heat the base material and weld bead - fusing them together permanently. From our extrusion welders, to our moisture free air pumps, we have custom tailored our equipment to provide the highest quality plastic fabrication in the industry.

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Over 100 years of combined plastic welding experience

plastic welding services

We offer both on-site and in house plastic welding services. Whether you are looking to have your product built and shipped, or built on-site we are here to help.

Plastic Welding
Plastic Cabinets


Plastic enclosures are one of the most commonly fabricated components at Aeromat Plastics. From safety enclosures, to chemical resistant housings, we have the materials and experience to help with any application.

Fluid Handling Tanks

For over 50 years we have been replacing stainless steel and fiberglass fluid handling tanks with plastic tanks. Not only are they lower cost, but they generally outperform the tanks they replace! Applications for plastic tanks range from plating and process tanks, to pool surge tanks.

Welded Plastic Tanks
Polypropylene Casework

Polypropylene Casework

"Polypro" casework is used for a lot of different reasons -  Excellent chemical resistance properties make it great for corrosive environments. The fact that it is metal free means it will never rust, which makes it ideal for trace metal analysis labs. Plus, it is incredibly durable and stain resistant, so it will continue to look and work great for years!

Our Casework Line

corrosion resistant ductwork

Aeromat Plastics is the leading source of industrial corrosive air handling systems in the nation. You can rely on our expert team of fabricators, machinists and ventilation experts to understand the scope of your project, anticipate challenges and provide you with quality, custom-built plastic ventilation solutions.

Our Ductwork Line
PVC Duct Job
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